Complete an Easy 5-step Fishtail Braid

Complete an EASY 5-step Fishtail Braid with Kate!


1. Begin by taking two small parts of hair and crossing them together in the middle of the head so they are in the shape of an “X”.

2. Then take another piece of hair from the side and cross it along with the other two hair parts in the shape of an “X”.

3. Continue this same pattern, each time switching the side that the hair is coming from.

4. Hold the end of the fishtail braid and leave just a little bit of the hair unbraided at the end.

5. Tie a rubber band securely around the hair.

And voila! Your perfect 5 step Fishtail Braid!

I hope you enjoyed,


Below are close up pictures of the detailed Fishtail Braid.



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