How To Create a Perfect Flip-Tie Hairstyle

How To Create a Perfect Flip-Tie Hairstyle

Hi, I’m Kate and I’m going to show you how to create the perfect flip-tie hairstyle. Here are the steps that match the numbered pictures above.

1. Make sure hair is brushed and untangled

2. Gather hair

3. Tie and secure with a rubber band

4. Loosen the hair tie, kind of like your pulling it down, but just a little

5. Create a hole in the section of the hair that has been loosed out

6. Pull the long hair through the hole

7. Pull it all the way through, so it looks like this

8. Taa Daa! You may have to tighten the rubber band so the hair stays secure

9. If you follow the same steps but tie the hair higher, your Flip-Tie can look like this too

And that’s how you create a Flip-tie! If you liked this tutorial, check out my other ones too!



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