Rainbow Loom Snowflake Charm

Rainbow Loom Snowflake Charm

Hi, and the picture you see here are some of the Rainbow Loom Snowflake Charm which I made through a helpful video on Youtube. It is a very simple process, and all you need to make it is a loom pick and rubber bands! No loom board needed! If you are interested in making one of these cute snowflakes, please visit http://www.youtube.com and look up Made by Mommy Snowflake Charms! I hope you take a try at making these fun snowflakes!

-berrysweetkate 🙂

2 thoughts on “Rainbow Loom Snowflake Charm

  1. Hi there!

    My name is Emily Timmons, and I am the editor of AllFreeKidsCrafts.com. I’d love to feature this tutorial on my site with full credit to you. I would feature one photo and a link back to the tutorial on your blog.

    AllFreeKidsCrafts.com is part of Prime Publishing, and we publish 19 cooking and crafting web sites. We have over 3.5 million active e-mail subscribers and about 10 million page views per week. You can learn more about us at http://www.primecp.com.

    Please let me know if you are interested in being featured, and I’d be happy to link up to some of your projects!

    Thanks, and look forward to hearing from you!

    • Hi Emily,

      Thank you for the invitation- but this is not my own idea, and this is not a tutorial for the Rainbow Loom Snowflake Charm, it is merely an image of one I created. If you would like to find the person with the tutorial for this craft, her name is Made by Mommy- and she can be found on Youtube. Thank you very much for the offer, I really appreciate it!

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